Leather from Collagen

There has been a drastic growth in the area of synthetic biology. This has made many firms to explore the opportunities this modern science area has to offer. One of the companies at the forefront of this movement is Modern Meadow — a New York-based firm. This company has been able to bio-fabricate an alternative leather known as Zoa.

This sustainable material is made from collagen (a protein) — the major element of natural leather. However, they designed and grew Zoa in a laboratory from yeast-derived animal-free collagen. This new age material can imitate all the traits of leather. …

Sustainable Fashion and New Materials in the Fashion Industry

Sustainable fashion has to do with clothing that is manufactured, designed, distributed, and used in ways that are not harmful to the environment. Sustainable materials are the bedrock of sustainable fashion design. Making fabrics with sustainable materials, which are then designed to make clothes, is the most basic way of achieving sustainable fashion design.

From fast fashion to cotton, we have been consuming fashion in ways that have been affecting our environment and species. Besides repairing, recycling, and consuming less, we can find textiles and clothes that are more sustainable. …

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Illya Shpetrik

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